21 October 2012

Pseudosains...Melaka style

MALACCA: A bomoh hujan (rain medium) has been hired by the Malacca government to help minimise effects of the current wet spell that could delay the opening of the Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) at Kuala Linggi, some 40km from here.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam confirmed that a medium has been commissioned to temporarily shift the dark clouds and allow contractors to complete their job on the RM4.6mil project on schedule.
“The medium can assist in reducing the impact of the incessant rain in the area for another two weeks or so.
“We don't want to experience any delays in completing the project.

“The medium will help to ensure that the contractors are able to complete the RTC by Oct 31,” he said after visiting the RTC site here, yesterday.

Mohd Ali said the RTC was expected to be opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak on Nov 10.

He added that the RTC would function like the Urban Transformation Centre and provide one-stop service to villagers in Kuala Linggi and surrounding areas.

Mohd Ali noted that the RTC was built in Kuala Linggi as the district was predominately a fishing enclave and locals could look forward to facilities that were useful to them.

He said the RTC that would be situated on a site spanning 10ha would also have a maintenance facility for fishermen apart from providing a hub for local farmers and other agro-based traders.

Mohd Ali said a training institution would be also set up at the RTC and managed by the state Fisheries Development Board.
It would provide the latest updates on the industry to local fishermen.

Mohd Ali added that the RTC would also have its own 1Malaysia clinics, banks and other government agencies operating under one roof.
 Sumber: The Star Online

Ali Rustam upah bomoh hujan?

Nota: Ali Rustam merupakan Ketua Menteri Melaka.


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6 komen:

bukankosong said...

mcm mcm ye

BadekGonzalez said...


1. media malaysia dah makin mengarut
2. yang memimpin dah mula karot?
3. sebab harga rokok naik?


karl said...

memang jenis kepala masuk air betul. Jabatan Kaji Cuaca kan ade. buat je la launching based on weather forecast.

Mohammad Syukri Badaruddin said...

Lawak weh,
seorang KM yg takdak nilai saintifik...
Nilai2 lain tak taw la...

Direktor Bajet said...


catherine- said...


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